About Us

Tambo Waste is a wholly locally owned and operated waste management company. We are proud of the fact that we started off as a very small operation in 1991 and have grown to be one of the strongest, most professional waste management businesses in regional Victoria.

As the industry leader in East Gippsland, Tambo Waste provides a complete waste management service to commercial, industrial and residential customers. Irrespective of your waste needs, we have a tailored solution.

While the East Gippsland Shire is one of the largest and geographically diverse regions in Victoria, Tambo Waste provides a comprehensive waste service throughout the four corners of the region. Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale are the major residential and commercial hubs which we support on a daily basis, but outlying and remote locations are well supported too.

At Tambo Waste we operate a modern fleet of clean and distinctive waste vehicles. We are proud of our business and this pride extends throughout our entire workforce. We are also proud of our waste management practices in covering most waste needs for our community.

In particular we have a genuine commitment to recycling. We operate our own large recycling plant in Bairnsdale, separating paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and e-waste into individual streams. These products are baled and shipped to Melbourne for environmentally sympathetic recycling.

To offer the most comprehensive waste management service possible, we also have a large range of waste bins, with each style of bin specifically tailored to your specific application.

All Tambo Waste operations are covered by its Integrated Management System to ensure that service standards are maintained and improved. Scheduling of services, vehicle maintenance, operator training and safety are set out in Quality Procedures. There are specific Work Instructions relating to our front load bin service, wheelie bin service and our bulk bin service.

Front load bins and bulk bins are manufactured/refurbished locally and in our workshops. Construction is carried out by appropriately qualified people. The bin designs are robust and have stood the test of time in demanding applications.

The owners and staff at Tambo Waste, all live in East Gippsland. We care more and that’s why we can deliver to you, the ultimate in waste management service and support.